LME 737 TS Modules

TS-12 Infographics Planning Worksheet

Name: Denise Lewis

Date: 9-28-2014

Course: LME 737


  1. Infographics contain both visual and content elements. What CONTENT will you focus on with the infographic you want to design? Include what message you want conveyed or what compelling data story you would like to tell. (50 words or less). This infographic should be as a teacher tool in presenting information to your students about the IDP topic.


LME 737 does not have a IDP topic, thus I chose to design a infographic that would convey the principals of Educational Leadership in regards to entrepreneurship. The message my infographic is to display is that the current school system fails our students by limiting their creativity. A longitudinal study in 1992 found a decline in creativity as children become older. If this is the case, what is limiting children’s creativity and thus their ability to become creative entrepreneurs? The 1st study on 3-5 year old revealed 98% scored at a level of creative genius, 5 years later, the percentage decreased to 32%. 10 years after the original study, the same children, only 10% scored at a level of creative genius (Land and Jarman 1992).   While to varying degrees all schools squelch creativity and entrepreneurship (Zhao, 2009).


  1. What website or software program have you chosen to help create the infographic?



  1. Construct a rough draft of your Infographic that includes the content as well as some sketches of visual representations you would like to make (does not need to be in color but you can indicate colors to be used in the final product). This can be an electronic rough draft or hand-sketched.


  1. Include either an electronic copy of the final infographic below OR a reliable website URL for the instructor to gain access.





  1. Include a bibliography of resources used. Be sure they are in correct APA format.







Here is the link directly to my Infographic:

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